Sunday, August 23, 2009

There are no Gays in Korea!!!

... because they all live in Korea Town LA!

Last night I had BEST Korean BBQ of my LAI-FE!!!
It's definitely better when you go with Koreans and since there were 3 Korean speaking Koreans we got 3 times the better service and 3 times complementary food!

...This compared to my last Korean experience where that Gong Joo BITCH demanded more tip and I was too drunk to refuse. OH speaking of other offensive things, I kept asking for Pooty Tang when I meant Bori Cha (Barley Tea).

I ate at Shik Do Rak and had duk bo sam style BBQ. This is where you place the BBQ in rice sheets and roll it... LIKE VIETNAMESE FOOD! The rice sheet was exactly the same as Banh Cuon!!! When I told my friend this he said, "that's because we stole from your people... and made it better" Har har.

Afterward I watched people get drunk.

As they started to drunkenly kiss each other (I was sober for the night), I realized that I was actually a decade younger than these folks, yet they still act/look my age.

"Can I get a kiss?" said the drunk Korean
"Sure!" responded the white bear
"WAIT, you have a boyfriend." Shouted a drunk Chinese guy
"They have an arrangement" responded another Korean
"Ai shi teru!!" yelled the Japanese dude from the other side of the room.

This white bear, obviously "rice queen," was in a 12 year relationship with some sort of 'arrangement.' He said that his boyfriend reminded all of his Korean friends of their dad. I gave him kudos while others in the room looked disgusted. "I believe that if you're really in love, there is no need for arrangements."

I responded, "I'd rather have honest arrangements than a dishonest and fraudulent 'committed' relationship." I spoke to a guy who I discovered to be very innocent in a 10 fingers game. "Yeah, my ex slept with my other ex... he was very conniving, cruel... it was intentional."

It's shit like thing that reminds me that "love" will not overcome all.
OoO, Bitter much? Maybe.

But it was interesting to see Gay Koreans, they are just like any other gay Asian... horny, yet infatuated with the idea of committed love.... who isn't?

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