Sunday, January 27, 2013

Family Christmas 2012

Christmas has been celebrated at my house for the past couple of years.  We have the space and with all the decorations there's a wonderful warm vibe at my house even though the central heating sucks.  Here's my mom who did the dramatic Vietnamese thing to me the day of saying, "this is the last time I'm going to host.. I'm just so lonely."  She started tearing up.  What this means is, "please help me, I have no daughters."  THEN JUST SAY SO.  I read between the lines, cancelled my lunch plans and helped her chop potatoes.  She went 180, "this is what I mean about Christmas SPIRIT!!"  Mom, you're dramatic.

My dad got my mom this all American apron from Texas... so this is what she would look like as a Houston Viet Mom.  My grandpa needs help shaving so my dad brought out the razor.  Quick myspace pic with parents.

Some of the dishes we had.  My auntie makes homemade pate and my cousin brought this amazing puff pastry, gruyere and asparagus. MmMM

Cheers!  This is my family with my brother's girlfriend's family.  One day I will bring Jimmy's family. Though he responded that that's weird.  sad face.

My brother and last grandparent and my cousins channelling the mountain people of Sapa.

This year I finally bought my parents decent gifts.  My dad hinted that he wanted a tablet.  Thanks to my distant cousin, I was able to snatch one.  My distant cousin was in Kansas where electronics aren't that hot apparently and bought the last one.  Lucky day!

Every year I hope that we don't have to go to church because well.. it's the same sermon and everyone is only half listening.  But I go for my parents.  I think being a good person doesn't mean that I need to be a good Catholic.  And I think it's interesting that people depend on religion to guide them as if being good is something they need to be guided on.  I guess many of us lose our way through our own selfishness and distractions and religion is there to help us on our way.  Though I get tired when I hear people say, "i'm a Christian.. with Christian values!"  Well, I'm a human... with human values ... the sort of values that are so logical that I don't need to tell everyone that I have them.  Like respect, forgiveness, patience.. yeah, got that covered.  And to mention your values as "CHRISTIAN Values" makes me feel a sense of arrogance that I don't think is mentioned in the bible.  "Though shalt act like your religion is better."  Nope, don't think that's in there.

Anyway - religion doesn't sit right with me.  Or at least the practice.  Good in theory, like communism.  But I have faith.

Anyway, we ended the night with some reverse charades.  I highly recommend getting this app!  Instead of one person acts, and everyone guesses... everyone acts and one person guesses!  It's pure brilliance!

Merry Christmas!