Saturday, January 26, 2013


I knew I was in trouble when it was uncomfortable to sit down.  There's always going to be a little pudge on your tummy because you're pushing down on it while sitting, but on top of the flat tire was ... an additional roll.

That's right, I hit the second roll mark and that's when I realized I needed an intervention.  Those of you who have not experienced aquiring a second roll do not understand - it feels like there is more weight under your arm with no where to go but to sit on top of your love handle.  It's like a HAT for your love handle and you can feel it.. the whole time.  By crossing your arms you can reach around and give it a hand shake.  Disgusting.

The day has come for this fatty to become the type of person that he always criticizes:  people with dietary handicaps.  There is nothing more embarrassing than becoming something you've always made fun of and this is what I have to say - IM ALWAYS HUNGRY!

But now I'm counting calories using the "lose it" app WHICH by the way, is not meant for Asians because I can't plug in dim sum or pho.  There needs to be a Lose It - Orient version.  Along this journey I've received some helpful tips: lunch meat - low cal and great protein.  Ok, so i grab my turkey and dip in hummus.. but I finish the container... both containers.  FUCK.

Oatmeal - keeps you full, start your day with oat meal.  Well  those fibers are making me gassy.

...And that's it.

The good thing is by not eating out I've force myself to eat the things that we have in our pantry resulting in a good clean out.

What else is a good motivator is this Cancun trip I'm taking in mid February for work.  The LA office is getting into shape and I'm feeling the pressures of being LA beautiful while standing adjacent to the flabby Chicago office in group pictures.  On the elliptical I chant "cancun cancun cancun" and I wonder if people can hear me.

Jimmy on the other hand has been working on his weight since October and he is looking fione.  I call him slim jim.  He's on a daytime vegetarian and a eat out once a week plan. There goes my dream of being called the Chub Couple.


Kiiiim said...

Thanks! I was actually thinking of making bread as well, but that was way to out of my league considering I suck at cooking/baking!

Dieting sucks! I've been trying to eat healthier as well, so I've been trying to cook at home more! Let me know how it goes!


Luuworld said...

love this post too, come to think of it. but to be honest, by the looks of your many pics, it looks like you've got a healthy and nice body