Saturday, January 5, 2013

November Recap

My goal is to finish blogging about 2012 this weekend.  Jimmy is with his family and I have no car.  I just downloaded Flare a photo editing app to replace LightRoom.  I find Adobe products to be too advanced - because of all the features, it's slow to load and has a zillion buttons and options I won't use.  I'm not a professional.  So I found a simple photo filter application.

I need to start creating more - I don't have hobbies besides buying tacky decorations for absurd house parties, but I do blog.  So let's keep this up.

Boys in the Bay

This baked sushi tasted like gasoline

 I'm really grateful for these guys.  They all drove at least one hour to see me in San Jose because I didn't have a car to do the most mundane things such as eat terrible sushi, watch Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer, and feed me homemade Macarons.

Joe was trying to get all of us to tell our deepest darkest secrets, but some stories are just too embarrassing to tell your gay family.  Though I think, like Sex in the City there are things you tell the whole group and things you tell to each other one on one.

In 2013 - I will plan an XCIX exclusive trip.  Need to show them how much I love them.  Almost makes me want to move back... almost.


I was walking in a parking lot and I see this guy wave frantically at me.  It was Danster.  Stopped in the middle, he offers me golfland coupons.  He whips out kitchen scissors, "It's a really great deal Chris."  His friend in the passenger seat laughs uncontrollably.  I love making fun of Dan and his coupons, but what's not to love about 2 for 1 mini golf?  We joined him and had a pretty good time.  He won, of course, but he may have used a coupon to get his score better.


It's easy to meet up with people out of convenience when you visit your hometown.  Just put up a facebook status update and meet up with the people that "make the effort" to respond.  It really should be the reverse, you should reach out to the people you want to see when you come home.

Anh always puts herself out there - "Chris! I want to see you!"  And I am guilty in not putting out as much effort.  I love seeing her and I'm thankful that she makes that effort.  She's one of my favorite people!

Mustard Murder

I was really amused when we found a tub of mustard splashed all over Charles' car and next to it was an empty box of condoms.

Fancy Date

I mentioned to Jimmy that I wanted to eat fancy one day and almost immediately, he bought a groupon for a French restaurant.  It was so expensive and fancy.  When I saw that the only clientele was white, I knew we were at the right place!  He's so sweet! And the meal was delicious!  The food pictures are on his camera - I'll update this entry later with what we ordered, but the most delicious part of the meal was facing this handsome person all night.

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We attended Unique LA where Jimmy was inspired to sew by creative blogger Marisa Lynch.  Free wine and beer as well.  We were also inspired by founder of one of the clothing booths.  We did about 10 loops around it... we wanted to purchase something from his personal etsy store.. mmhmm... Local Organic Homemade Asian Man Hunk.

We also found ourselves at Snowpocalypse at Echoes Under Sunset.  This was a metal work artshow in a community space.  Free cupcakes and wine and appreciation of course.  We could not afford any of those pieces.


Saw Jujubee perform at San Jose's gay club splash.  Werq werq werq!

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Anonymous said...

Haha, I did not have a coupon to Cheat. Charlie totaled the numbers and I won fair and square haha - Dan