Saturday, January 12, 2013


Found green couch across the street from my house
I wonder how my mind works.  I always dream and for that reason I hate sleeping in because my mind continues to wander in random directions through the snooze button.  I've often woken up agitated and unsettled because of the last thought I had in my subconscious.  This morning in my dream I was scanning through pictures... more like drawings.  They would flash in front of me then change like a slideshow with movement going horizontally.  The images were more landscape than portraits and they would quickly change before I could completely digest it.  I'm realizing as I type this out that's this dream is probably reflective of the volume of media consumption that I've been doing on my new tablet and on the bus. Scroll scroll scroll scroll.  Pictures, comments, likes... scroll scroll scroll.

I'm in a strange space because all of the internet browsing that I would do when I get home from work is already done on my new one hour - one and a half hour public transit commute.  I come home antsy.  But this is better - with facebook, tumblr, blogging, instagram scrolling out of the way, my weekday evenings can be more productive.  Should I pick up a hobby?  Should I create a new years resolution and keep it?

I had chat with Jimmy regarding progress.  I've put a lot of pressure on him to make progress and criticized him about creating roadblocks.  After all of that he explained to me that feels that he has made a lot of progress, he lost 12 pounds, his anxiety is under control and he feels more confident; I felt silly for nagging him.  Just want to make sure that we are both achieving our life goals together.  I hope to be the voice of reason... when he needs it.

Last night, I got a compliment and a diss.
Andrew told me that I have my shit together... I never really thought about this.  Yes, I do have my shit together the things that I complain about are so trite.  Even this car accident has just inconvenienced me... however I was able to create lemonade for this hit and run.  Which would be more difficult if I was dealing with other things that take precedence.

What was the diss? Mony told me my hair was ugly.

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