Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gay Couples

Ernesto sent out an email to in Jimmy and me to join him in some friendly competition couple vs. couple on CityRice Urban Adventure Hunts.  I suggested to invite other gay couples and realized... I know a lot of gay couples!

To all the early 20 something year olds who constantly complain about the gay community and how slutty and uncommitted everyone is... it's not a gay thing.. it's a early 20s thing (an epiphany).  We enter different life stages and eventually the clubbing and hooking up activities turn into settling down.  Eventually.... or you can be in your 40's hitting up WeHo, Castro, Boystown, South End, Wilton Manors, Greenwich Village with your favorite cocktail and a new friend every weekend... gay people are never alone when they have their gay village. Or maybe couples just hang out with couples and I've found them all. (That would be sad.)

I went ahead and gathered pictures of all my gay couple friends, all of which have been together for more than a year.  Danster and Peter have hit the 6 year mark?  Anthony and Chris are talking adoption. Eric and Chris are sharing a mortgage.  Dang... talk about growing up...

And to our single friends, I'm sorry that you've been the 3rd, 5th and even 7th wheel... but thanks for taking pictures for us.  We'll be using those pictures for the Valentine's Day card we'll be sending you!

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