Saturday, January 12, 2013

Act Your Age

Brigade of youth - blonde girls partying at a gay asian club
As I was peeing at Rage yesterday, my least favorite place in the world aside from vaginas, I made a very obvious realization.  I only feel old because I was surrounded by 18 year olds.  I expanded my thought and wondered - did I do everything that I wanted to when I was 23?  I assume so, it was my favorite age.. or I think it was...

While I was having these thoughts against the porcelain, Miranda was having her own bathroom troubles...

It's fact - you can't do it later, you can't get your youth back because your mind is different, your body is different, your definition of fun is different.  Instead of cursing my age which I do quite often, I wondered again...  was my early twenties as fun as amazing as the youngins that surrounded me.  I couldn't come up with an answer, my memory escapes me... because I'm old.

Also - not getting carded.  I wondered again, what about my face makes me look of age.  I hope the answer is my mature demeanor, but somehow I don't think it is.  I'm having gay man crisis and have bookmarked microdermabrasion coupons to revert my face back to my early twenties, but I guess on the asian scale my mid teens.  If that doesn't work, I hope I'm one of those folks who look better with age.

I'm not as scared to turn 28 compared to 27 because it's such an ugly number to me.    A.D.D. the three stages of life:

What do I find fun? What do I enjoy doing?  Definitely not attending this club, but I had a good time because I was plastered... politely vomited into a mug on the drive home.  I guess the point is - I need to surround myself with people my age not to feel old per se.

I'm glad I have this guy to look up to as a sort of gay asian mentor.  The "Honorable Evan Low" is what I call him.  He just did a recent talk on Ted Talks about Revising Capitalism.  Youngest, Gayest and Asianiest council member in the US.  I've known him since high school through Key Club.  Kept in touch, but not as close as I'd like to be.

Maybe this is what I need to do in my late 20s - speak about politics on a high profile education network.  I think great achievement is the new FUN in my late twenties.  Do it and do it well.  K.  That's my new hobby: "Great Achievement"

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Mat said...

well i'm in my late 20s and still have no money but my energy is pretty good. i'm stuck clearly