Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slutty Christmas

We were a bit modest this year.  Our SGV chinese food, echo park taco, little tokyo ramen bodies did not compare to the west siders' salad and gym on every corner bodies.  But we compromised to match the theme of our friend's Christmas party.

Though it was a cold night, the virtual fire on the big screen warmed me some how.  Yeah - we're wearing those American Apparel booty shorts again.  Made good use of those things.

Duck face... i believe thats Jack Frost and a Fawn?    Slut + Theme is actually hard to do... wait, no I take that back, mouse ears and underwear is not hard, but the creativity above is noteworthy!

Sometimes I wonder why the gay community loves to slut it up so much...

Oh yeah, that's why. That reminds me, I need to do my laundry... against your washboard abs.

You mean I have to diet AND exercise?!? Can't I just do one or the other?


p. said...

i stared at Jimmy's cock profile far too long that i started to feel guilty.

Anonymous said...

who is the last picture of?