Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chilly Day Hot Pot

We learned from our past hotpot events to use two different outlet sources to avoid blowing the circuit  We were professional and duct tapped the extension cables to avoid an asian Final Destination fiasco.

My favorite part about the hot pot was that the vegetarians brought there own pot!  Everything was already chopped and ready to go!  My favorite type of vegetarian: prepared!  No wait, my real favorite vegetarian is the non-existant.  But this will suffice.

We had a bomb-ass sause station set up.  Everything from eggs, chinese bbq sauce, peanut sauce, ponzu, sesame oil - you name it.  And barley tea!

Every time it's someone's birthday I find something in the house, stick a candle in it and make everyone sing.  I found mochi ice cream!  Happy birthday Ben!

New faces!  Alysia has a man now who was totally digging the gay scene.  He described it as strange to be in a room full of dudes without any sort of alpha male energy.  No worries there!  Though watch out for the girls fighting for the crown for miss sass of 2012.

And Jimmy from Houston - texas gaysians.  That's another pocket.  Jimmy had a little culture shock being in a room full of diverse asians, he admited to usually seeing one ethnic group at a time. The fact that there were indonesians to koreans all there was alien.

Guest book signing

And Sam's room is the usual after food game room.

All of my face recognition programs are confused by these two:

 No deaths, everyone full and no longer shivering from cold LA nights!  Dude, it almost hit 60 degrees at night!  ;)  Nothing like dipping your raw meat into a communal pot of boiling seasonings.

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