Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our Own Grand Park

Down the street from my house is the Grand Park, a 12-acre park located in the civic center in downtown LA.

This park has the potential to be as good as New York's Central Park or San Francisco's Union Square however, parks are plentiful in LA and there is no reason to struggle for parking just to lay out in the grass, but the appeal is the events that are scheduled there.

"It is designed to be pedestrian friendly and connects Bunker Hill to the civic center. The park [...] includes tree-shaded sidewalks, drought-tolerant plants, an interactive fountain plaza, performance lawns and courtyards, plenty of street lights, movable park furniture, and kiosks to encourage the walking and exploration of the area."

While visiting at night, I noticed how well lit and safe the park felt, but because it's still new the park was vacant.  Jimmy and I had the opportunity to attend it's grand opening on a lazy evening.

There were food trucks (of course), water dancers in the fountain, live Cuban Jazz and fireworks.

What was really cool was the Vertical dance performance by Bandaloop.  These dancers were suspended from climbing ropes attached to City Halls’ exterior.  WHOA.  They were floating.

Election Day
We came back in November for election day!  I voted and I wanted to see the results!

We were on TV for a couple of seconds along with hundreds of other Angelinos!  The energy here was amazing.  I've never felt to patriotic in my entire life.

They had a photobooth - the guy asked everyone portray how they feel about the election.  We did a model runway walk.  Everyone had a good laugh with us.

USA Bitches.

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