Sunday, January 6, 2013

People of December

December is a busy time.  With the house party planning, guests crashing on the couch and another trip to the bay I felt like it was go go go go.  Though there was a lot of down time, there was so much going on in my mind logistically to make sure everything went as planned.

This is my new cousin Tim.  I call him new because I didn't know he existed or that he was family (in both senses).  He's actually my dad's cousin's sister's nephew?  He tried to draw me a chart, but I gave up trying to understand.  I was worried I wasn't going to be able to take him around since he was visited on the busiest weekend, but we made it work and his OCD on cleanliness really helped as he vacuumed the floors and scrubbed the sinks.  I tried to stop him, sort of, but I let his inner nurse come out and spruce up the frat house.  Im a terrible person.  He spent an hour on our bathroom sink.  I was in awe.

 This is Mony, he's ridiculous.  That's all.

 I've known Madeline since middle school and we reconnected during the holiday.  We got really intimate about relationships and she gave me a lot of really good perspective.  She's such a cutie.  And I felt like really really really connected again talking about deep dark secrets.  We were each other's diary - listening and commenting.  Though I only got one hour, it was worthwhile.  I'm thankful to be part of her life.

 Diana comes from Portland.  Together we explored downtown with Alysia.  I was her secret santa for my high school group and thankfully she had a very descriptive wishlist:

all things preferably used! rain pants that velcro/zip at the feet. small ramekins that I can broil individual portions of french onion soup in. bread loaf pan. measuring cups/spoons with tall sides. nesting mixing bowls with tall sides.

I was able to find most things except for the rain pants and the measuring cups were actually new from a high end kitchen store... shhhhh.

These are old friends from VSA.  I felt like I was back in college hanging out in someone's apartment.  We were brought together to celebrate the life of Christine.  There was a lot of pressure to write a good eulogy.  I was essentially representing her college life... I'll save that experience for another entry.

Sandy's boyfriend Johnny stayed a few extra days.  He's a great guy and very easy going.  I had a good time giving food recommendations, but it was a bit of a challenge since he was a.... pescetarian!  Mmm Zankou Chicken!

Mmm Seafood bibimbap!

I'm really happy that I kept in touch with Maya and Sunny.  We started working at the same time when I first moved to LA, we were a part of the same "class" as we'd like to say.  We have all moved on, but kept in touch since we got really close working together 3 years ago.  We spent an evening in DTLA eating at Parish and checking out the view at Perch.  Sunny owned downtown LA making friends at bars and introducing herself to owners of restaurants - a socialite in the most metropolitan area of LA.  He face is well known as she frequents the same spots in her neighborhood.  It was amazing watching this city girl in action.

Huan's family lives down the street from my family. I got a call from him, "Chris, come over, my mom loves you."  I stopped by to eat his mom's amazing Viet food at 11PM on Christmas day.  We drank Hennessy and played Dance Central.

Aw yeah, come on RUDE BOY!  I love this game.  Broke a sweat.  Real choreo with good music.  I'm IN LOVE.  Considering buying an xbox, connect, flat screen and game just to play it.

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