Saturday, January 26, 2013

Faith in Other Humans

Jimmy posed a question, "if I felt physically threatened by someone what would I do?"  In this scenario, the police are unable to do anything and I have a sense that someone is out to harm me.

In this (extreme) situation would I get a gun as a form of protection? I responded, "no... I would NOT feel safer having a gun in the house." But I was unable to offer any other alternative solution.  The fact is, I have never felt this way so I really don't know how to respond.  Jimmy on the other hand had three black guys (of course they were black.. of course that's relevant) invade his house while he hid in the bathroom back in college.

Is it naive of me to believe that NO one is out to hurt me?  Is it silly to feel that the violence on the news is so far from me that I never feel unsafe?  Is it bad to have the, "it'll never happen to me" mentality?  I guess this ignorance keeps me feeling happy, but maybe one day I will realize that there are people out there who have nothing to lose by hurting me to get what they want... like the keys to my dented Toyota Corolla.

I've held a gun before and played at a shooting range, but even then I having extreme physical anxiety before I could get myself to go to bat. And it was still a game.  I've watched someone from the navy pull out his tool and whirl it around while being buzzed and feeling very uncomfortable. The phrase, "guns don't kill people, people kill people" is utter bull shit.  No one ever said that their 15 year old son found a taser in their nightstand and accidentally killed someone.

Back to the question above, in this extreme scenario I would get a weapon... a bat, a taser... but I will never resort to having in my hands something that can kill.  And I feel like buying a gun for "protection" is like replying ALL to an email chain saying, "please stop replying all."  Does more harm than good.  People are idiots.

I feel people are too eager to "protect themselves" from people that they feel are "dangerous."  Is this me being naive again?  I guess even a kindergartener can be a terrorist!

Pennsylvania kindergartener uses Hello Kitty bubble-gun at school, suspended for "terrorist threat"

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