Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Guns are terrifying, but if we ever found ourselves in a Walking Dead - like zombie apocalypse, I will be ready to protect my man.

My heart was beating so fast and I was having a lot of chest pain because of how nervous I was.  There was nothing stopping the guy next to me from aiming his gun at me.  The tutorial was short and we were handed buckets with the guns we rented for the evening.  We were told to go to "lanes" 5, 6, and 7.... lanes... like bowling lanes.  But without the neon lights and bowling balls

After I got over my nerves, I was able to take aim at the business man target that I selected.  When I shot the first bullet, I stood in shock for a couple of seconds at the power that was sitting in my hands.  I was careful with where I placed my thumbs as the instructor told us that we could break our fingers if we were holding it improperly.  I also loaded my bullets backwards and jammed the gun.  Oops.

I remember the first time I held a gun.  My friend was dating a marine and he just had a gun in the living room that he would play with.  I remember how uneasy I felt especially since we were planning on drinking that night.

The boys insisted that I try a shotgun.  Boom.. it felt like a bazooka was resting in my arms.  One shot was good enough and I handed it back to my coworker who was a loving the experience a little too much.  That was a trip.

There were kids there - no age limit to shooting, just owning apparently.  There were also chicks in heals and some high schoolers that were looking for something cool to do after school.  The whole site was baffling.

There were no real safety precautions in place anywhere and I was just on edge praying for no accidents.

I'm happy I did it.  Checked that off my life to-do list and made it out alive.  But if I was asked to in some situation, I can say that I have shot a gun before and maybe I'm less useless for it.

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