Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vietnamese with Glasses

I have a list of people to chill with and Michelle was on the top of my list!

When I arrived I found the perfect parking spot right outside her door of her cute SF apartment.  As I was parking, she came out.  Perfect!

The evening started with some Back to the Future II!  I love the 80's interpretation of 2015!  That's like tomorrow!  Wow flying cars in 7 years!  Brilliant!  
After we went to this awesome restaurant called Poleng.  It was a great date place.  It was hip and sexy!  Not to mention, the food was delicious.  Was it the food?  or the company?  What do YOU think Michelle?  

One of the kids I just met that night told the table a story:
"Yeah... so I was on the airlines and..."  she paused, look at me and said, "I'm sorry.." then she looked at everyone else, "the stewardesses were REALLY Gay!" 
Are you serious? Was I a representative of the Gay Stewardess association?  WTF?  "Wait.. why are you apologizing?"  "Oh.. because you know..."  

Wow.  Ig Nor Ant. I really didn't know what to say.  I guess she saw the rainbow bleeding from my ears and wanted to apologize before potentially making a homo-offensive comment.  Whatever.  The food was so delicious, it masked her retardation.

After, we headed to a Pub.  It was a purely beer place and I got a Cider.  Shut up.  
Harriet and friends were there and I managed to catch up with some good people.  Kalvin surprised me because he was really friendly; asking me how I was and updating me on his life.  I love people like that.  <3

I was talking to Clifford.  
"What fruit do you think they used in this beer?"
"Dude, I don't know."
"...hmm  Passion Fruit?"
"...dude, don't do that!"
"Do what?"
"Look at me like that and say..   pppasssssssion  frruit." Cliff drags out the words like he's seducing me.
Apparently I was hitting on Cliff.   "You're ALWAYS flirting with Cliff!!!" proclaimed Michelle.  But.. I .. I didn't...   damn it.  Maybe I should have apologized for my nonchalant homosexuality.  Am I sending signals I don't know about to everyone I encounter!??!?!
We changed scenes and it was chill.  Inga from Cal Taiko joined us so I took the opportunity to send her shady text messages like, "god, you're so hot."  "I want you now!"  "let's meet in the bathroom."  I thought she knew it was me because she was playing along.  I started to snicker when she started to freak out.  "WHO IS 408!?!?!"  LOL, no one knew.  Come on, who else would it be?  I continued to be amused with Kalvin while he was telling "you KNOW when you're in Vietnam when...."  stories.  He managed to captivate my side of the table.  
Somehow we ended up at a Korea place.  What IS KOREAN FOOD!??!  BBQ and the flavor RED?  Someone PLEASE save me from my darkness.  I was hoping this place would shed some light.  It was 3:00am and the only people who managed to stumble in were hookers and drunks.  This one kid stumbled in, hit a table and fell backwards on his back.  Shit, i should have taken a picture.  But I didn't want to be accosted by his scary gangster Korean buddies.

Oh, and we got this dish.  It was the Flavor Red.  I liked the Rice sticks because they reminded me of Mozzarella sticks.  I LOVE CHEESE!

The next day.  Michelle and I discussed my Video blogging potential and did some Photobooth. We got some cute hole in the wall cafe food and I headed home.

Aww, Michelle is a WONDERFUL host.  This girl will always be my friend.  ...  cuz... we're both Vietnamese with glasses.


JV said...

haha I LOVE it!! Michelle is awesome =P

dannie said...

looked like lots of fun :}