Monday, March 3, 2008

Hanging with the Cousins

The good thing about being home is that family is much closer. Last Thursday I went out to celebrate my cousin's birthday. I suggested Bolansa and my cousins LOVED the "perfectly seasoned" broth of the noodle dishes that they ordered. I was happy since it was a dessert place and I hate suggesting a place and finding out that it was the source of food poisoning.

My friends stopped by and told me that my cousins were HOT. Well duh. We're a hot family.

After, we headed to go roller skating! LOVED IT! I was dying to go, but no one would go with me. It makes me sad because it's obviously a dying activity. The roller rink was pretty empty even though it was family night. I wished this generation of kids went to the roller rink instead of myspaced all day. It's like mental retardation. Myspace = mental retardation. Roller skating = enlightenment and answers to the question of life.

My cousins were impressed with my moves. I was trying to get beat skating down where you would hop on the second beat of the song while you skated. I almost got it. I love skating to Salt and Peppa and Carwash! Oo Oo ! oo Oo!

After that we had my cousin's cake on my truck bed because of the stupid rink regulations. No plates, no knives = dig right in! Look at the damage we did on the strawberry filled Tres Leches cake!

I love family.


This passed weekend I made plans to take a hip hop class with my crazy salsa dancing, corporate power woman, wedding planning cousin. We both got dressed like hot hip hop dancers and drove to Berkeley.

But.. we were late and missed the class. Instead we had lunch at the Durant Food Court. HAHA aka the Asian Ghetto.

Okay, this is my favorite, "Korean" dish. It's called Mushroom Fried Noodle. I really don't think it's Korea because it's not red or BBQed. Hmm, but I missed it because I used to order it when I went to Cal.

We talked about family and my brother and what's the best thing to do... she gave me some good insight.

My brother is a good kid. But he is bored. According to my cousin, he doesn't have fear; which is different from how the older cousins were raised. At some point in our lives, we were scared of our parents and responsibilities were piled on. My brother: not scared. Not scared of failing, not scared of messing up. On every report card there is a C and my parents merely say, "do better next time." With no fear, he has no motivation and just coasts along. Average is good enough... but what about college?

My parents aren't strict, but they do care. I feel that for his personality type, being strict would have probably been beneficial because he lacks discipline. But it's too late to switch strategies.

According to my cousin, he needs to have an "OH fuck" moment. He needs to fail BIG time to realize that online games that have stunt his maturity and he needs to wake up to the world around him...that there are choices for him to make that will affect him later. "I'm here to help, but you need to approach me." How many times can I say that?! I've been saying this since the beginning of the year: How do you teach motivation? But it's not clicking.

Maybe NOT getting college is the big failure he needs to have that life changing epiphany... OR not getting into college will cause him fall into deeper depression and exacerbate his indifference and apathy and he'll become a vegetable in his room playing online games and myspace until he's 30!!!!

Am I overconcerned? Probably.
But I'm not ready to watch my brother fail, even if it MIGHT benefit him in the end.
If the policy is "it's his life, as long as he's happy,".... I need to take a deep breath because that's definitely a hard concept to accept when our parents struggled so much and he manages to be... just average.

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