Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday was my mom's birthday and my brother was in his usual pissy mood. Instead of being upset at his selfishness, I decided to try a more 2008 tactic. I sent him a text message even though he was sitting right next to me.

"Hey, try to be in a good mood for mom's birthday okay?"

He responds with lightning speed as if we were talking like normal, "yeah, I'm just tired, I'll try though."

Initially I wasn't going to let him sign the birthday card I bought for our mom, but what sort of brother would I be by making him feel shitty? He already had a hard weekend. His text response really made me happy. I guess, text messaging is the way to get through to him. Maybe I can text him about college, drugs and sex.

I suggested it to my mom. She said already does text message my brother. I guess she figured it out at mother-speed. I guess that's what unlimited texting is for.


I've been considering moving to the city, but my parents want me home. They are too nice to hold me back so they just give me warm wishes.

I called a couple of my friends who work/live in the city to get their input.

"Hey, so you drive to the city and live in Milpitas right? How do you do it?"
"It takes 1 hour and a half usually."
"Would you ever move there?"
"I've considered it, but my family needs me here."
"Yeah, I just want to be home with them now..."

After that, I reconsidered everything. I guess, who's really being selfish now? I really am a bad son, and a worse brother. (Even Monyrith thought of my Mom's birthday more than me... he picked up a well thought of gift for her and gave it me to give to her. =/) I don't think it's right for me to just get up and leave when I guess my family needs me. =/ TMTH (too much to handle).


dannie said...

aww...maybe now isn't the right time to move out. :]

i love those cingular commercials esp. the grandma hahaha.

sandy said...

at the risk of coming off as "white" or "american" im saying; its your life, do what you want with it.

youve lived at home for about a year now. how long do you parents expect you to live with them?

but then you have to think about the commute t/f work and your lifestyle in SF. will you be able to live your current lifestyle while paying rent in SF? its really a issue of money from my perspective. and besides, its not like theres tension in your house b/c youre there.