Thursday, February 28, 2008

Video Blog


So... I'm no KevJumba or Chris Crocker (thank god) or whatever Youtube characters there are... but I decided just to keep an open mind and try it out.

God, this is SO awkward. Now you guys know what I look like at 11:30pm.
Maybe I'll do something creative, but at least I'm trying. Eventually Mony and I will do a puppetshow. Maybe this friday.

Okay... I call this a trial run.
No special effects, no script, just... awkward.

I found some old videos and did some editing.
My Gym buddy doesn't understand how I check out people so much.
I didn't think I checked out people THAT much... But heres a video of me being caught in the act.

Oh yes... but dude, I was making Videos back in 2005:
Check it!

That was good times. High on life.. being young... and... being weird.
Hmm.. maybe I'll post more.


mich said...


Jeff Wu said...

Cute!! lol I like it! =]

dannie said...

whoo yay vlog
gimme gimme more lol

Katie said...

Chris, you are WAY cuter than KevJumba!! <33333

Aaron Benjamin said...

Must you put those old videos of us...oh god. See you in a week