Thursday, March 6, 2008


I feel awesome 'cuz I just got a GREAT haircut!

Ok. No one knows how to cut my hair... I figure because of my face shape, my big forehead and my 3 cowlicks in the back.

And you know me, I am VERY particular about hair!
I was thrilled when I found this place on Thornwood where this girl did it perfectly! Then, she got pregnant. I tried her coworkers, but even though I pointed to a picture, somehow, she hacked it all off! (remember December?)

I was debating to grow it out.. because I can, but then I didn't want to look like Danny from American IDOL TMTH! Or my twin brother Nate. I vowed never to grow it out when I had it long in 2004; it looked pretty nasty. Like Mowgli from Jungle Book even. Sometimes I wish I had white people hair... with some texture and waves. So I can do the whole blow dry thing. Sigh... but that wouldn't be me. Should I get a light perm?! Haha, shut up.

I did some research and found this place called New Trends off Monterey Hwy.
I gave them a call.

" Forever Cut 2. How may Aye Hep yoo?"
"How much is a Men's Haircut?"
"10 Dolla"

Apparently they changed the name.

I should have known it was Asian by the name: Forever Cut 2? Might as well be Pho 56. Gosh, makes no sense at all! Like a cut that lasts forever? Or a cut that's so good that you want to get it there ...forever?! Oh well. I brought in some pictures and she made me happy cuz she used thinning sheers and NO buzzer! SWEET! She was very confident. Though I couldn't see what se was doing because I had to take off my glasses. Smart right?

When she was done, it didn't look like I got a haircut at all. She explained that she needed to style it. So I let her.. and omg, it looked horrible. Sigh. I thought to myself.. no one knows how to cut my hair. I gave her a tip anyway and thanked her in Vietnamese. She was stunned, "you're a Vietnamese person" she proclaimed in Vietnamese. I smiled nodded and walked away. I love surprising people. DO I look that alien?

I rushed home to fix it and to my surprise, with my trusty Got2Be Glued hair styling glue, my haircut was fabulous. I called the place and asked for her name: Vicky, "Ill be requesting you next time! thank you !" She didn't know what to say.

Yes! hopefully she doesn't die, or get pregnant. Woot!

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