Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obsessed with Efficiency

On Wednesday during my 30 minutes lunch I returned a movie, mailed a book I sold of and got a Chinese Chicken Salad from Jack in the Box.. it was efficient with the help of my Visa card. I was very proud of myself.

I was at work until 9:15pm. Well actually, we had a guest and we fed him dinner. I realized that after six, I can no longer concentrate on work. While he was talking to the group I keep thinking about this video clip and smiling to myself . What's wrong with me? I'm a hot mess.

I only have four weekends every month and as a result, I have been obessing and concerning myself with having MES (max efficiency Saturdays) rather than PPS (poorly planned Saturdays.) Weekends have become VERY precious to me.

On Friday, I watched The Prestige with MoAny. I hate period pieces. I hate Christian Bale because he has duck lips. He is the worst Batman ever because all I can focus on was his lips.. his ducky duck lips.

On Saturday I was invited to an East Bay outing with Danster, but for some reason I was indecisive about going even though I already agreed. I think it was because I had many things on my mind: the SoCal Trip I'm going to take with Ignia, my brother's club garage sale and missing out on seeing Michelle the night before even though I had the opportunity. I was so moody.

But I decided that I didn't want to regret not going so I headed out for an awesome adventure.

The sky was full of brilliant clouds and Danster had a list of 5 things to check out. Burmese for lunch, east bay beach, Love at First Bite cupcakes, Healthy Yogurt and the Campanille. We didn't finish our desserts so I gave it to a bum who put his hands out and said, "food!" He was a high class bum because he waiting outside a fancy bakery to get fed. Also, Danster is a great photographer. He manages to take brilliant photos with a basic snap digital camera. I must get tips! We also managed to visit JV for his birthday, but it was a quicky because I was on someone else's schedule.

And my hair! Dude, what's going on here. Seriously.

I reflected for one second: I really hate driving. Enough that I almost miss opportunities to hang out with people I care about. I think this was one of the things Tofu had a problem with, because I would never extend a visit to Vallejo. And when he was in town, he was shocked that I was willing to drive all over the bay for him. He mentioned that it was a great change and recently I've been very good about it. I mean, nowadays, it's just worth that extra mile to see someone.

I guess, I forgot about that this weekend when I realized that I hate driving back and forth... because well.. it's not efficient and I've been obsessed with MES. But making a couple of mistakes is a nice reminder of how ridiculous I am... and really how much growing up I need to do.


JV said...

Thanks for stopping by for my birthday!! =)

but dang..reading this I guess that's why you couldn't stop by and say Hi to Christine and Tram =/
gotta be efficient right?

mich said...

moral of the story: always hang out with michelle. :)