Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Friday.... Bad Boy.

God was punishing us Gays for partying on Good Friday. I was such the bad Catholic. I had a burger when I was supposed be avoiding meat. Damn.

Last time we went to Dragon we prepartied with Kerns and Tripled Distilled Smyrnoff. Anyone could have told us that was a bad idea. We though the THICK juice would better coat the harsh poison. Haha, such fools we are. Zto suggested Jack and Coke, unfortunately, it was also a bad idea. With one sniff of the whiskey, Mony was sick to his stomach and decorated the school we were by.... After witnessing this, I also felt nauseous and let my sour burp follow through. I guess, I had too much too fast. God, was trying to put a stop on our homo madness on his holy Friday.

When we entered, I reached in my back pocket to get a mint. And... I dropped all the Mentos on the floor. They bounced out of the box like fishes escaping from a boat. Great. No mints. Apparently, God was really angry at me. Zto and MoAny declared it to be the worse dragon ever probably because it was the weekend before spring break. Oops.

I... was focused on my goal: find cute boy, dance. On the dance floor I let loose. Oh yeah. I realized that I feed off good dancers, like Huan. He makes me dance crazy. He kept saying that I was failing to excite him, I responded, GOOD. I was there to dance, not to... um.. excite people. Zto made me laugh when he said, oh, That's my phone in my pocket! Oh yeah! Dial those digits; as I was backing it up. Oh yeah 6.... 9... Oh yeah. Haha!

In the middle of the dance floor while in my carbonated whiskey state, I found him: cute boy. I told MoAny and he agreed. I was basically staring at him and he saw me... (how could you miss my lazer eye gaze?) As he passed me by; I poked him and shouted, "this ONE!!!" He ignored me and quickly scurried away. Damn it all. Of all things to say!? But I was given another chance later in the night. On the same dance floor I saw him and I made my way over to the window. I crossed my arms and played it cool. He came towards me, but poked his head out the window. I made conversation.

"Where you from?"
"Cool, are you in school?"
"Yeah, I go to University of Washington."

After this he walked away. Maybe he was turned off by my Whiskey breath, OH WHY did I have to drop all those Mentos on the floor!? BAH. I decided he wasn't interested and went on with my night. Buzzed.. Danced... Buzzed. Woot. I found MoAny and Zto waiting for me on the bench, it was early, but they wanted to go. I told them to wait a second.

I found the boy and approached him one last time. I stumbled between him and his friend. "Hey, I'm going home now... but I wanted to tell you that I think you're cute..." I smiled and quickly walked away before he can reject me further. But I held his hand for a second and he squeezed it good bye... we let go with our fingertips being the last to touch... and I headed home with my boiz.

Afterward, at 3 in the morning, I made my boiz take me to Denny's by my house to visit my favorite waitress, Rebecca. I was still very buzzed and very obnoxious. I was thrilled when I discovered she was there. I asked her if she got the note I left her. She said no and handed me a notepad. I wrote her a drunk letter while she served our food.

Dear Rebecca,
You are the best waitress in the world. I hope yu had fun in Vietnam, but don't go again for too long because we will miss you! You are Het Xay!

She read it and was really touched. I love Rebecca because shes sweet and has a cute Vietnamese accent and calls me honey and cuts my hair and does my nails... JK. I asked her what she was up too and she said she was in Vietnam visiting family and that she has her sister here in the states with her and she really wants to go back and is trying to save up.

After our meal, we took a picture and she told us that she had something in her car for us. I was excited! She came back all sneaky and and put a skinny cylinder shaped thing on the table. "Don't open it yet honey, they are already looking." She was referring to her coworkers. OMG! What is it?!?! I touched and it felt like a glass bong. OMG was it a glass bong?

We tipped her $10 and she was really thankful. "Too much!" I told her to keep it. She told me to print out the picture and bring it to her next time we come and I agreed. She gave all three of us warm hugs.

When we left I unwrapped the gift and it was a ceramic Vietanamese doll that she probably bought from Vietnam on her trip. :D Awww.. I love Rebecca... It was a good friday.

Random Thoughts
I'm wearing this underwear that has loose elastic bands and sometimes I pop out, if you know what I mean. I hate when that happens

Is it bad that when my coworker leaves the office I fart a little. One time, I farted... and then the CEO walked in... I was like.. shit, please don't stink. PLEASE DON'T STINK!
The angels were listening.

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dannie said...

your entries are getting more interesting and entertainment to read.

on top of buying new clothes, maybe you should get underwear too.