Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have been concentrating on work and therefore, haven't been very inspired to blog.

Also, I've been reconsidering how "honest" I want to be publicly since my blog is search-able through my name (I'm trying to fix that). Tiggah Tigz manages to post some risqué pictures on his blog at the potential cost of his job, but he manages to keep his alter ego detached from his professional life. Very impressive.

For that reason, you may have noticed that my latest entries have been dry and constricted. And it makes me sort of sad that I should be so cautious.

Work has been really tough, but I'm pushing strong. Family has been rocky, but I'm thankful that things are ironing out. And friends are amazing.

We went on a road trip this passed weekend and I have been too exhausted to blog about it. A lot of shit went down! I was thankful that I took half day on Friday to chill with my boiz, since it was the hardest work morning of my life.

But check out the puppet show that Mony posted. It's a sample of our ridiculousness... the 5 hour drive .. I mean 7, cough... seemed to fly by so fast.

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