Friday, March 21, 2008


Yes! After months, my blog is no longer searchable by my name!

What does that mean? Well, it means I can write more freely, post nude pictures, etc. (JK).
But I'm still hesitant about talking about work. Sigh, but that's all my life has come to!! Work work work work. Blah.Blah.Blah. But I'm getting more comfortable with the job after 7 months. Let's just say, I have some big decisions to make.

Tonight is Dragon and I'm really excited. I have decided to buy a new shirt to wear to Dragon every time we go. I think that's fairly reasonable. Woot. Oh, there's a myspace angle camera phone picture of me in my new shirt from urban outfitters. lol. And more importantly, my hair is doing interesting things. AND AND I just ordered this book from Amazon called "The Best Dance Moves in the World... EVER!" It has diagrams of how do to these sweet moves like: the hustle, the hand jive, YMCA, pop and lock! It's great, maybe I'll video blog about it.

When I came home, my parents started talking about what a scary world it is out there. My mom's friend's son was beat up at a gas station last night for his wallet. Makes me knock on wood that much more. I was like... uh.. I'm going to SF tonight, my mom was like... were you not listening!?! expect she said it in her head cuz I can read her mind. I'll just be that more careful.

My goal tonight: dance with a cute boy. But don't bring him home, because I go home with my Boiz: Zto and MoAny. Uh HUH!

This is what I'm gonna do on the dance floor:

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dannie said...

you're mom reminds me of mine.