Thursday, March 13, 2008

AHH! I Keep Eating!

Sigh. I feel like I have been eating non stop.

Below are some pictures of food I've been meaning to post.


My bois and I went out and made some home made Asian desserts! Woot! Too bad the ice shaver was an ice... um chopper. blah!

100% Healthy Dessert in San Francisco!

Big Chain Restauruants

Yay! CPK! Read my review on

Sonoma Chicken Coup!

Long John Silver/KFC Combo! AKA OIL NATION!

Mony and I made a video on how the booths were made for fat Americans. There was about one yard of space between Mony and the table. I guess Americans who eat at Long John Sliver have an average waist diameter of 1 yard. The video got corrupted. Damn.

Pepper Lunch of Japan!

Hole in the Wall or Family Owned!

Neto of Moutain View!

Bear Ramen House of Berkeley

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mich said...

i miss bear ramen house too.