Thursday, February 17, 2011

Clubbing Pics in January

Quick Clubbing Photos:

January 4: WeHo
Fancy seeing you here again honorable Evan

January 16
MJ's Dirty Pop on Sundays.. Open bar...trouble

Bottom Left: David always seems to be making VERY important texts when we go out.
Bottom Right: Ed is introducing photobombing... in the foreground.

Eric's 5 step guide to getting $50s worth of free drinks from the bar:

1. Go on stage
2. Take off your shirt
3. Take off your shoe and dance next to someone whose body does not compare to yours
4. Raise the roof with your grandpa boxers
5. Collect prize

Eric won the hottest body competition.  Woot!
When Eric threw his shoe to the audience, it flew into my face.  I basically got kicked in the face.

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