Sunday, February 6, 2011

Born this Way Blog

I added to my list of Downe blogs on the right column.

From NPR
A recently launched blog called "Born This Way!" does something very simple: It pairs a snapshot of a gay person as a kid with a personal essay about what he or she sees when looking at the photo.

Intro to the blog

A photo/essay project for gay adults (male and female) to submit pictures from their childhood (roughly ages 2 to 12) - with snapshots that capture them, innocently, showing the beginnings of their innate LGBT selves. It's OUR nature, our TRUTH!

Pretty powerful.


I also added .

Intro to the blog:
Trans Queers consist of two transfags of color living in a big city, exploring safe anonymous play with bio-boys. We are committed to documenting the good, the confusing, and the ugly. Not too many of us out there writing about sex with nontrans men, the adventurous intricacies of it, negotiating safety and complicating definitions of queerness. We promise to be honest and vivid as we recount these experiences. It is our hope that you will read this journal and feel that your sexuality is really yours to do with as you damn well please.

Also very interesting.

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Will said...

I have to admit when I first heard about born this way (on a mainstream blog), it made me nervous, but after going to their site and reading a few, they're actually pretty interesting.

I gotta go find some of my Mom's old picture albums... I definitely have a ton of photos that revealed my identity long before I was ready to.