Monday, February 7, 2011

God, I Can't Stop Eating

Feeling a little chunky.  Time to go to the pool.

Tasty Garden -  Hong Kong food (1/5/2011)
Lamb Brisket, Brocoli with Mushroom, Shrimp with Egg and Chowfun
Why is everything so glossy?!

Starry Kitchen - Asian Fusion (1/6/11)
 The owner is fabulous his passion for the restaurant really shows and the dishes are pretty amazing.  Such the spunky Vietnamese ontra-manure

Garden Cafe - Hong Kong Style
Sooo aparently, Hong Kong style also includes Hong Kong interpretations of western foods like steak and spaghetti.. but yet again, everything is glossy! And corn.. Corn on everything.

Gaam Lounge (1/8/11)
We hit up one of K-town's night life hot spots.  I think this place experiences at least 3 gallons of vomit a night.  This is the setting one of the episodes of that reality show that's supposed to air some time.  The room was permeated with Korean machismo from the guys and mega sluttism from the girls.

These skewers were pretty amazing.  But I really don't understand how they manage valet here.  We were stuck for like half an hour, but at least our surrounding was interesting.  The Korean community took over the historic Chapman Market plaza. 

What's next?  San Gabriel Valley has a tons and tons of cheap food.  Must explore, must explore.  Luscious Dumplings, Jazz Cat Restaurant, Ko Hyang Tofu House nom nom nom. (There goes my cooking in more resolution)


thwany said...

"The room was permeated with Korean machismo from the guys and mega sluttism from the girls."


Anonymous said...

one of the guys from that upcoming ktown reality show is actually vietnamese

peter le =/ he's a gay softcore porn actor lol