Monday, February 7, 2011

Word Vomit 2010 Reflection

It was just about going where everyone else was going and luckily for me, it was a place that I enjoyed.  It didn't feel like New Years Eve... aside from a balloon drop and a lot of feel good moments.

Two songs that defined the moment, Firework by Katy Perry and Raise Your Glass by Pink.

Saints and Sinners
I just wanted to post these pics to close out the year.  2010 helped me understand more about myself, the company that I enjoyed and my strengths and weakness.

I am a pure extrovert.  In the sense that the energy of others really define my own.  Socially dependent?  What would I do in room without anyone there?  I would sleep.  And what would I do when everyone is mean to each other?  I would cower in awkwardness because the negative space would pull me downward.

I feel I have grown up...but only barely.

In 2010, I've done a good job of cycling friends in and then pushing them away when I get busy with work.  The house would joke that these characters were a part of TV seasons and when the season ended, the producers would pick and choose who they wanted to keep based on how interesting they were.

But this could be said about how I maintain my friends in general. I'm not looking for best friends - I'm looking for good friends that exude positive energy and are willing to share interesting experiences.  But... as work becomes a priority, even good friends don't stick around because I am less responsive.

The Roommates
Work was providing me shit ton of new experiences with good vibes from a team that I loved, but as people quit every month I felt my personal moral decrease.  These events became tiresome and I look forward to just going home unless work comes up with some different.  I'm excited, this Wednesday I get a new team member that I interviewed.  I love his energy.  His training will include some hang out time.

Gosh, these party pictures aren't that interesting.  So I made them smaller.  I'm just filing these images to account those who I hung out with that night so that I don't forever forget.

Alysia's house got broken into and they stole her computer and hard driver.  2.5 years of photos were lost.  She was depressed, but found the external hard drive behind her dresser when then ramshackle her bedroom looking for things more monetarily valuable.  She only lost 1 year of photos... problem is she forgot what photos she had taken.  I'm in charge or providing those lost pictures of us since I'm such a memory whore.

I have some attractive friends, but no desire to sleep with any of them.  This would not have been the case in college, I enjoyed sleeping with my friends.  Maybe my sexual drive has lower since then.

Here I am flirting with the Filipino go-go dancer.  Ed is rolling his eyes.  His sweat smeared the body paint.  I wasn't interested in copping a feel, just wanted to approach someone who's job was to be.. approachable.

I love this photo, Sam looks cute, Steve looks buff and there's a couple in the background kissing.  I should submit this for an award.

I never realized that these lights I had in my room would be so useful.  It was a highlight to just lay in my room until 3 AM just looking at lights; being comfortable, but not tired.  I fall asleep too quickly.  My mind just shuts off like a switch.  No counting sheep, just.. press a button, gone.

I love my room.  I need to invite more people over to keep my energy up.  Must not sleep... must not become a work drone... must live... maintain friends and absorb good energy, bring more people into my life, share experience.. maintain.

LA, don't fail to keep me interested... so many pictures to post... sorry for incoherent entry.  I'm a month behind in.. everything.

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