Monday, February 28, 2011


I just stumbled upon Queerious after checking out fellow blogger Alex's google images search flub.

Apparently when you Google Image Search "Rice Queens," a picture of him and his friends appear as the number 1 search result.  This has happened to me, but the search term was "obese."  Anyway, scroll down further and I found Queerious:

You can see my ADD translated through my Firefox tabs

I love stumbling.  I'm curious to where that third image on the top row leads.

Once I find a blog, I have to read it in its entirety before I can add it to my google reader.  Thankfully, Queerious only launched in January.  As I chucked at a well written entry about RAGE - Really Asian Gay Experience, I realized that the writer was at house last week with homemade dumplings... and the slew of contributors were actually a part of my circle of friends.

Yay for the Gaysian American circle of 100 people.

While you're there, help them determine if particular Asian portrayal in movies is Racist or Ironic.  Quentin loves discussions.


And in my attempt to love WeHo for what it is (swaggerless - When the DJ played Go Girl per my request, the club literally stopped dancing and folks made "wtf is this" faces.) Queerious shared a video to show me how I can dance LA's botched remixes mindless house music.

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Alex C. said...

LOL! Thanks for the shout out. Can't believe that about "obese."