Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thai Boat Noodle

I've added Thai Boat Noodles to my list of favorite foods.

Vietnamese - Pho
Japanese - Ramen & Udon
Korean - Chap Chae
Thai - Boat Noodles... but I'm sure there's a better name

Am I missing other noodle dishes?  If I had a choice between noodles and rice, noodles beats rice by far.  So far I've had Thai Boat Noodles in three different places in LA:

Sapp Cafe in Hollywood
Wat Dong Moon Lek in Silver Lake
At Wat Thai Temple during their Festivals

Flavors are amazing!  Put it on your todo list!

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thwany said...

have you ever tried papaya salad (som tam) from thailand? i discovered it here and it's fucking awesome.