Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Just Wanted to Let you Know

This photo has been on my phone background for a while and I thought that it was time I posted it on my blog since it's one of my favorite pictures.  We were wandering the Disney Concert hall on a random Saturday and this lady approached us and asked if we wanted her to take a picture for us.

But instead of taking a quick photo, she evaluated the surroundings, squatted a little to get the best angle and asked us to move a little closer to the tree.  *click*  She redefined what it means when you ask a stranger, "could you please take a picture for us?"  She did a bigger favor and created something that I will eventually frame.


I invited Jimmy to my cousin's wedding and introduced him to my family.  "This is Jimmy, he's my 'roommate'."  I tilted my head, lifted my hands and quoted "roommate" with a cheeky grin.  My cousins chuckled and I felt really satisfied for being honest.  It was easier than I thought.  He met my aunts and uncles.  It felt amazing to bring a date.  Earlier in day I was stressed because I didn't think he had presentable attired, but then I realized he had everything he needed to "impress" my family and that was being someone that made me, their cousin, happy.  They loved him immediately for that.

There was a lake near by and we rented this absurd paddle boat after the wedding.  We paddled in circles for 30 minutes around obnoxious privileged white girls celebrating their 12th birthdays.

I demanded that we captured the moment and found someone on shore.  I didn't care that I could have dropped my camera in the water, I flung my electronic to the stranger.  They were more than eager and we posed in our wedding guest attire.  *click* This will also be framed.


This morning Jimmy jolted out of bed.  "FUCK! THERE'S SUNLIGHT!"

I responded, "you don't have work today."  And he sank back into my arms, relieved.  On the weekdays Jimmy works the early morning shift.  If there is sunlight when he wakes up he knows he's screwed.

He's like a vampire.

This photo was taken by one of our friends.  We fell asleep in their living room and they snapped the picture and sent it to my phone inconspicuously.  Jimmy finds himself in my nook.  And I find myself holding his hand if his body is too sweaty to hold.


I think Jimmy's absurdly handsome.  I catch myself gazing into his eyes and poking his button nose.  I love the scar on his face that creates a fake dimple.  I like the stretch marks on his shoulders because I think they make him look like a super hero.  I love farting in his presence because it makes him cringe and I respond, "what's wrong? my butt wanted to blow you a kiss."

I love that we are trying our best to live positively without the glamor that is stereotyped by LA.  I love that we reinvent left overs and explore new areas of LA. Nothing goes to waste - food OR time.  I love that he is artistic and humbled by an impoverished upbringing and doesn't mind my bad taste in clothes or poor driving skills.  I love that he acknowledges that we are both trying to be better people.

And I thought it was about time that I let you know that:


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Anonymous said...

I literally teared reading this and seeing the pictures and being so jealous! You guys are soooo cute it hurts!! hehe

and when you said
I love farting in his presence because it makes him cringe and I respond, "what's wrong? my butt wanted to blow you a kiss."

I DIED~~ I'm so happy you found someone you finally could blog about.. hehe.

carlo obscura said...

soo cute =)

Luuworld said...

yeah, your man is handsome! i'm very happy for you!

Alex C. said...


So Romantic especially this: I love farting in his presence because it makes him cringe and I respond, "what's wrong? my butt wanted to blow you a kiss."



Anonymous said...

this is cute. I wonder about the fallout with the other friend though

-JJ- 黄天龙 said...

hi. a silent reader here. i don't usually comment on your posts but this time i just can't resist.

this made me smile. :)

good for you!