Sunday, February 27, 2011

Growing Out My Hair... again

I remember that I vowed to keep it constantly clean and short so that I would always look refined and polished as I prance around in my mid twenties.

But I always have this need to grow and change my hair.
Below is my next target:

This would require more maintenance in the morning.  I'm in that ugly in between period, but I'm going to stick it out with this photo as my inspiration.

Here is a candid from today:

The mustache adds to the look as I'm told and I'm going to try a sweater vest to work tomorrow to see how it all fits in.   But how does one possess a mustache without looking dirty?

Sometime this week I'm going to get a maintenance cut to trim the top so that it's less heavy and I can achieve "Something about Mary" hair volume.

I'd also like to add that I think it's funny that I look Asian when I do this to my hair.  I'm Asian, I'm going to look Asian no matter what I do to my hair.  I think it would be a better observation to say that this look may make me look more... Viet gangsta from the 90's or used car salesman?  But Asian?  I'm gonna look Asian with spikes, bangs, fauxhawk, buzz whatever.

Just like how this guy looks white when he slicks his hair back.  He's gonna look white no matter what.


thwany said...

doesn't matter how long your hair is, it all depends on the type of product you get!

mich said...

i think it's def an old school vn look. i think they mean that you'd look more A-Z-N.

Luuworld said...

i love the fact that you have a "hairchive" on your blog!