Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going Out With Work

Finally, my work has hired more people to help my campaign.  I was getting very frustrated being a three man band.  With a bigger team, I get invited out more! YAY.  The perks of my labor return.

January 13
Pub Crawl.  Conveniently along the street in front of my work place

January 20
Nic's Vodka Tasting
Russian coats, giant freezer, try different vodkas.  Did this with the old team, finally got to do it with the new team.
First dinner, when they brought out the gnochi I started to laugh uncontrollably.  WHY USE SUCH A LARGE PLATE FOR 5 PIECES!?!?! I don't get it.  The flame-n-yawn had cranberry sauce on it.. strange, but with a little salt it was delicious.

Freezer funnnn.  I forgot which ones I tried, but they were all delicious...except for banana vodka.

January 26
My field supervisor finally came to LA.  We have a tradition of going out Karaoke until 3AM.  

But first a limo ride, a meal at Michael Mina's XIV... AND THEN karaoke.

This is when I started getting chronic heart burn.  I'm going to blame the truffle mac and cheese and cod with hollandaise sauce.  Really Michale Mina?  The cucumber mint drink sort of brought down the acid, but the screaming into the mic in the early AM did not.

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