Friday, February 4, 2011

Naked Time

Korean Spa?  CHECK!

We left the house at midnight and found ourselves naked in the men's section of the spa... sort of.

We were joined by a few others who had just finished clubbing.  There's a hot tub, warm tub and cold tub.  The Hot tub was scalding! There's a steam room a dry room and showers.  And naked men everywhere.  There's a place where you can just lay down and let your ball sack rest on the warm floor.

We were all shy and held on to our tiny towels.  When we entered the tubs we would politely look away as our friends slide their hand in their towel, grabbed their junk, dropped the towel and quickly stepped into the tub without anyone seeing any bits or pieces.  Sam was cute, he said fuck it and brought the mini towel with him into the pool.

Ern proclaimed when he heard this story, "you guys.. it's just the human body!!"  This was an appropriate statement from our yoga professional, trader joes shopping, basil plant growing friend.  The only one who is really intune with the.. "human body" and probably the only one that would rock out with his cock out since the whole house has already seen it (accidentally or not.)  I don't care, I dont want to see my friend's penai!

Upstairs was the co-ed community space.

People were just sleeping and children were running around they owned the place.  I felt like I was in a homeless shelter/refugee camp.  But these folks paid to sleep next to dozens of strangers, not because their house was washed away due to hurricanes, tsunamis or political unrest.

Through those doors were more saunas:

Here we are in the Ice Room acting like Korean thugs.  I was suddenly I was craving froyo.

This is the heated Salt Room.

My favorite room - the Clay room.  Steve was walking along the plank, stepped into the hot pebbles, lost his footing and fell on top of us.  Ridiculousssss.

Other rooms had signs that read 200 degrees.  I felt like it was a slow death and quickly exited those saunas.

They also had a full service restaurant.  Mmmmm my favorite: dduk bok gi.

I decided to give naked time another shot and headed back to the men's spa area without any towel to cover me.  It felt very liberating to just walk around without being very self conscious.  After all, we were at a Korean spa, not a gay spa (unless you were in the Dark Room =X).  With everyone around me there to just relax, the male human body had become desexualized.

Seeing all these naked guy bodies made me realize most people do not have perfect porn bodies that I'm used to seeing.  Everyone in general has a very average body including myself and my body image concerns depleted.

I slept over on one of those mats and woke up in the morning refreshed.  I'm thankful I can sleep anywhere.  Before sleeping, I sat naked on the bucket seat in front of a mirror and shampooed my hair.  I used the hand held shower head to spray my body.  I felt like I was getting to know my body a little more by cleaning myself this way.

My skin felt hydrated and my muscles were relaxed.  It felt like a mini vacation.  I recommended this to a friend who went the following week and had a same sort of experience; only more poetic.

Woohoo naked time liberation!


p said...

Korean spas are great!!!

A lot of the hangups of getting naked at places like these or in gyms is an American thing. Koreans and Japanese do it all the time in the bath houses, and Europeans do it all the time in gyms and pools. I think Americans are the most obsessed with nakedness, is all.

Gauss Jordan said...

"Community area?" So what's the purpose of this, exactly? I'm completely down with every other spot you mentioned. :-)

Will said...

I love naked spas! But the one I went to in SF still had a strong cruisy gay vibe to it.

There is one in NYC, but it's all the way out in Queens, and not even easy to get to by Subway, so I've never been.

Alex C. said...

Wow sounds like quite the adventure. Naked is good!