Thursday, February 10, 2011

Above the Clouds

January 9
Alysia and I drove above the clouds to Snow Valley.  Our skis were jammed in her trunk with her backseat folded down.  Like a gym membership, I was convinced that I would use these skis enough to get the complete value.

The ski jacket that I scored during my thrift shopping madness came in handy.  This time I was wearing something that was waterproof.

Alysia's a pro.  She was excited to try out some humps.  Me, on the other hand, found myself eating it quite often.  The skis boats that I had purchased were too big for me and I couldn't carve correctly.  The blue squares proved to be a ridiculous challenge, but I was determined.

We make a cute ski couple. 

The view was the same when we left.  We drove down the mountain, through the clouds to arrive back home.

Need to go about 3 times more to get my money's worth!  But the snow keeps melting.  Next time I'm doubling my socks.  Missing Snow Bunnies again this year, but it's so difficult to get to Tahoe.

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thwany said...

snow, beautiful snowwwwww.