Monday, February 7, 2011

Free for a Reason

For an entire week in the beginning of January, I managed to find Free things to do in LA... I soon discovered why they were free.

Holy F*CK - Free Stand Up Comedy
Once a month at the Downtown Independent Theatre is free stand up comedy.  I was beyond excited!  I made a facebook event and managed to gather a group of four to see it.  Oh god, out 10 comedians, 3 were good.. the rest made me cringe the whole time because it felt that they were asked one hour before to stand on stage in front of a microphone and be funny.  Most of them talked about how unemployed they were and how much their life sucked.

Wormhole Event
I didn't even know what it was, but it involved a lot of waiting and a lot of nothing.  This blogger agrees.  But but but.. it was posted in the LA Weekly.  Fail.

They recorded videos of us.. and then we watched our video self fall through a "worm hole" ... it wasn't even entertaining.  But thank goodness, it was next to the Moca where we saw some interesting exhibits.

But then again, it was hosted by the League of Imaginary Scientists.

Though not all free things were a fail.  I discovered a Jazz jam session in Chinatown.  Intimate live music.  This was the epitome of Hidden LA.  Of course on Wednesdays.  Someone had their birthday there and offered me cake!

I've discovered that LA is amazing on weekdays.  Weekends are just too crowded, too hectic.

I guess, we can sleep when we're dead.  Yes.

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