Monday, March 28, 2011

Show Me Dat Lucky Money

February 5:

Oh my, it's Tet! Time for Red Envelops full of lucky money.  Meow meow.  It may be year of the Rabbit for all you Ching Chongs, but it's the Cat for us Ving Vongs.  Meow meow.

But first, enjoy endless Vietnamese food.  NOMMmmMMmmmM

Take pictures with the special family members

And Grandma!  Looks like we color coordinated this year.  How festive.  Grandma offers tons of advice for the new year!

Grandma tells me to not be gay anymore because that's weird
Grandma tells my cousin to get married because her eggs are rotting
Grandma tells my parents to help her set up her twitter account and to stop partying
Grandma tells my auntie and uncle that she wants more grandkids and they need to get to work

And we all wish her to live longer than 100 years old.  (Literally).  And everyone gets money!!!

"What a great holiday! But our family is so cheap Christopho!"

No worries CUZ, we have a white guy in the family!  Lucky money in da bank!!!

Perfect for gambling.

Don't forget to visit Grandpa on the other side of the family.  He lives alone.  Remember to yell your new years wish, he's very deaf.


One entry less from being sooooo behinddddd.