Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sales, Breakfast, Beach and Festival

February 12:

The Craigslist ad read in bold letters, HIPSTER YARD SALE!

Back in the 'burbs, Alysia's dad would wake up early every Saturday morning to drive around the neighborhood and patronize yard sales.  Do people in LA even have garage sales?  Of course, you just have to look.

I downloaded an app called gsalr.com that mapped out all the sales in my neighborhood based on craigslist ads and voila!

Vintage everything at a reasonable price.  Jimmy found a framed Ira Glass poster that he turned into a gift and Tommy purchased a classic Polaroid camera, a coca cola cart and from the free pile I got this 80's pull over:

Tommy jizzed over his findings.  The guy having the sale described it as something to help with gambling debt.  He fit the profile - scruffy white guy rolling a dooby taking a break from his Art Center studies in Pasadena.

Delilah's Bakery served a surprisingly delicious biscuits and gravy.  God I was in heaven.


During our search for garage sale we found these Music Box Steps that were featured in a movie. This long stairway connected two large streets.  In the movie, these steps led to the character's house.


Found ourselves at Long Beach.  There were so many people in street close walking around... it was a little ghetto.  Tommy and Jimmy had a little photo shoot while I enjoyed the ocean.

I feel bad because I'm not a very fashionable subject for Jimmy to use in his photo shoots.  I really dress terribly... at least I don't have cow print ugghs.

We checked out the Long Beach Art Walk and stopped by JR's Hearts & Things booth.  Support local art!  woot.


Ended the evening at King's Hawaiian Bakery.  Yes, the King's Hawaiian Bread has its own restaurant. NOM NOM  Got basic Hawaiian food and a warm basket of King's Hawaiian.


Just kidding!  Went to see an improv show after that.  God, you see?  How does one find time to get a haircut/do laundry!?

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