Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Korean BBQ at 321

February 24:

You guessed it!

We had our own KOREAN BBQ using the left over meat from the Rainy Day Hot Pot!  I even bought the rice paper!

We had different marinated meat!

It was just the roomies, the boyfriend and Phil because he lent us his grill.  Oh and Michael because he texted me saying he was hungry.

Text us if you're hungry, we'll feed you.  And yes, those are Starbucks shot cups.  They were gonna throw them away! 


And the rain caused the house to leak.  Ern was not happy.  Good thing we had extra Starbucks cups to catch the water. 

Throwing away your hundreds of cups because  you change your logo?  Well perfect! we'll just pick those up for the house.


thwany said...

i need to come over one of these days.

anhimals said...

I love the starbucks shot cups!