Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reliving High School

February 10:

While visiting San Jose for Tet, we had a small High school clique reunion.  We relived our favorite parts of high school such as eating together.  MMmmm Mongolian BBQ, just like eating at the mall, but all you can eat.

Playing at the park

Volunteering.......... to take weird group photos

Hanging out at Aaron's house and playing drinking games such as Sticking Beer Bottles in Alysia's Cleavage and the all time classic: Truth-or-Dare Jenga Next to a Bowl of Nacho Cheese and Picking the Pieces out When They Fall In.

and of course the card game Spades.  I have yet to find a group of people in LA who enjoys playing cards as much I as did with my high school friends.

Not poker or Texas Hold 'Em, but Spades, Hearts and Rummy... you know, old people card games that don't involve winning large sums of money.


'Till we meet again San Jose.

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