Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thai Patio Double Date

February 3
Double Date at Thai patio.

Didn't get the "Pad Thai - Must TRY!", but ordered other dishes that were recommended with a star in the menu.  Pork Belly, fish, eggplant.. mmm should have recorded what we actually ordered.  Next time.

Cutest coupe contest?

The answer is obvious.


thwany said...

it's a tie!

P. said...

Erik is so cute!!!
His smile just melts my heart.

Have you been to Palm Thai restaurant -- it's just a few more blocks on Hollywood blvd from Thai Patio. Thai food is much better over there.

Oh man, I think I have a crush on you Erik Erik Erik!!!

Gauss Jordan said...

There are two pretty different sets of people at this table. It's cute. ;-)

mich said...

i wish i could hang out with you and your friends!!

Anonymous said...

You two are sooo cute~~ hehe