Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainy Day Hot Pot

February 19:

Jimmy had the brilliant idea of having a hotpot event for a rainy day Friday.  We just wanted to invite some eastsiders but all of a sudden it became a party.

We were more prepared this time.
1. Extension cable to use the outlet in the hallway so not to short circuit (again)
2. No more bowls, no problem - STARBUCKS CUPS!
3. Invite more Chinese people to do the cooking... correction, FIERCE Chinese people.  That's right stir that broth

Mmm lots of meat and veggies and soju.

It got a little steamy.

It was a nice impromptu kick back with lots of good food and vibes.  Good thing people brought meat, it was supposed to be a party for 10.  Lol

Watch the progression of the night - food, soju, dancing, karaoke... pass out.

Don't mind my voice I had it on "SIREN" that night.  And what to do with the 5 trays of extra meat?  I'll tell you un momento.

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