Wednesday, March 30, 2011

East Side Dancing, West Side Exploring

February 20:

A little dancing at Akbar.
Akbar was one of the first bars I went to when I moved to LA.  Ern really knew how to show me a good time.  I repay him by being good Lesbian company.  Check out my lumberjack vest:

I believe the guys are posing as "straight."  Hmm I don't remember voguing to a be a "straight guy pose."  I could be wrong.

Over it.


February 21:
Took the bus to W. 3rd Street.  Walked from the beginning to the end until we could not walk anymore.  Lots of trendy stores that I would never revisit again except the Traveler's Bookcase - a bookstore dedicated to globe trotters.

Jimmy and I also visited the LACMA for their Target sponsored free day! 

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