Monday, March 14, 2011

Closing January

Dorothy chandler Pavillion
It never occurred to me that maintaining a blog was difficult and I'm obviously slipping.  It's always been second nature to allot time to reflect and conclude thoughts.  To me, if I haven't blogged about it, I feel... unfinished.  And that's exactly what it feels like as 2011 started.

I have so many unfinished thoughts so many stories that have gone undocumented and I feel that I start to many things without finishing the previous.  That's the problem with being a multitasker, that's the problem with having as much ADD as a "box of pubes." And it doesn't help that tumblr is so entertaining.  Why create when you can just scroll and observe.  We must snap out of it.

The weekends are jam packed with LA photoshoots and exploration and the only way to catch up is to take time off.  The only way to be productive is to find a coffee shop with free wi-fi and cheap coffee.


January 15 - Improv at Groundlings
Probably one of the best improv show's I've ever seen thanks to Groupon.  The actors were very good and there was a huge underlining gay theme.  They broke up the show with mini skits and improv in between.  I recognized one of the actors from David Blaine's Street Magic Parody. 

Before the show, they asked the audience to submit some statements for them to use.  We came up with ours by passing around the slip and adding one word per person.  The result:  "We have your oversized brain IN our undersized JAR."  Brilliant. 

Love love love.  Especially the skit about a desperate women trying to sell makeup to one of the audience members.  Hot mess.

January 28 - Manhattan Beach
Ernesto and Erik
 Went on a sort of double date with Ern and his boo.  Basically competing for the cutest couple, but it's sort of obvious.

Though I haven't seen Ern in a while... so busy busy busy busy. =[

January 29: Chinese New Year Festival at Wilson Park

  • Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi - I had to literally unbutton my pants because we were sitting traditionally on the floor as if we were eating at a coffee table.  MM not very comfortable
  • Thankfully we brought umbrellas because it was raining
  • A cute dude asked me if I wanted a balloon animal.  Everyone was laughing awkwardly, I think I was supposed to pay him.
  • And watched silky smooth Dawen sing on stage, but left before Joseph Vincent appeared.  Meh.
January 29: Redondo Beach Pier
Jumping Photos

I expected Redondo beach to be like any other south bay beach, but it was actually a pier with a sort of boardwalk.  There you can find seafood, a great view and a classic arcade area.  Lots of photo opportunities that Jimmy took advantage of.

January 29: Dip's Grill

After 10PM is happy hour: dollar sliders, dollar skewers... I sort of died.  Coming back to Dip's Grill for sure.  If only the pork belly buns were a dollar each.  I thought that I would never find the item on the bottom right (Pan-fried Sticky Rice Patties) again after my Vietnam trip.  Mushroom and filler in a deep fried rice patty.  Though these were bite sized in Vietnam, I was so excited that they existed here.  Only in San Gabriel Valley of course.

January 30: Michael''s Birthday
Last year Michael wanted to sleep in his car after drinking too much on his birthday.  I drove his drunk butt home.  What a mess.  He kept the tradition of having KBBQ for his bday, but this year involved more cake less crazy.  Michael told the waitress it was someone else's birthday so she brought out the cake and put it in front of someone else.  Riiidiculous.

I made/framed Michael a collage.  I figured, he'd buy anything he wants but pictures he wouldn't be able to buy.  He loved it.  :]  His other friends had the same idea and also got him pictures. It's hard to buy gifts for someone who's happiness purely involves the happiness of others.  Stop being selfless MICHAEL.


And that finally concludes January.  (Except a post about my cousin's wedding.)  I should start February before March ends huh?  And everyday I come home to this:

...kinda hard to catch up on blogging when snuggling looks so good.


Jonathan Crisman said...

The guy from improv was on Modern Family!!!111(*&^

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omg, erik is taken!!!