Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mozzarella Bar and Bloomingdales

February 2

Found myself at Obika Mozzarella Bar at the Beverly Center.  My Italian coworker exclaimed, "THEY HAVE burrata e prosciutto di parma!!!!!"  she jumped for joy like I would at a Vietnamese place that makes some rare Vietnamese dish.  A couple of days before she told me, "I think it's ridiculous that they would charge $30 for 'Italian' food when I can make it at home for $3!"

I would often get offended at bowls of pho that are priced above 7 dollars, but my Italian coworker puts things in perspective - this happens to all cultural food, not just Asian.  But I feel like you can find Asian places (Chinese/Viet) that are appropriately price, but I guess the compromise is the service.

Probably one of the best things I put in my mouth
The mozzarella was so creamy and spreadable and the prosciutto?  Perfect.

Somehow I ended up shopping with her at Bloomingdales.

1. Trying on shoes 2. Can you tell if this is real my smelling it?  3. This one matches my outfit

I ended up getting new kicks

Alejandro Ingelmo or something.  They pretty.

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