Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Simple Wedding

January 21

My cousin wanted a simple wedding, at a park with no frills.

Can you spot me being creepster?
I watched at my other cousin who's a wedding planner ordered people to stand to the sides to make an aisle for the bride.  We applauded as she walked down the grass towards her fiance and his dad who was licensed to marry them.

Our family is interesting.  My cousin's piece of it is even more interesting.  Her mom was married three times and had one kid with each husband.  Her dad was husband number 2, but husband number 3 is my actual uncle.  I grew up with my cousin, sharing holidays and evenings with her in grandma's old house.  Husband #3 took her in as his daughter before having his own child with her mom.  There is no question that she's family.

You could really see the happiness.  Her goofball husband made her laugh during the entire ordeal and I couldn't keep my eyes of her stunning face.  Later my other cousin told me that the original make up artist canceled last minute via e-mail.  My wedding planner cousin changed her voice, "that was a really stupid thing to do, especially to me since I am a part of this industry."  My wedding planner cousin has appeared in a couple of wedding magazines.

In the evening we found ourselves at a random hole in the wall Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant that was rented out for us.   We criticized the food for being too salty and funky.  Husband #3 started singing songs and playing music that I know my cousin didn't select.  I thought in my head, of course, my uncle is using this wedding as an opportunity to perform.

He took the microphone, "Natassia came up to me and said she wanted a simple wedding.... with cupcakes and tacos."  A close friend of my cousin's catered tacos after the ceremony as a wedding gift.  Husband #3, the person she calls "dad" continues, "well, I couldn't have that... please enjoy tonight's dinner.. this is for you Natassia - a complete celebration."  (I'm ad libbing, but generally speaking.)

...and I felt silly for being so critical for anything at all.

My uncle grabbed the mic again later in the evening, "come on everyone! to the dance floor!  I guarantee you won't regret it!  Come on!  come out!  I won't begin."  I chugged two glasses of wine and complied.  When everyone came out, he began signing a 70's medley which was amazing.  "YYYY MMM CCCAAA..."  you get the idea.

And that was it.  A park, a make up artist, cupcakes, tacos and family... a simple wedding.

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