Sunday, March 31, 2013

Don't You Worry Child

When I found cheap masks at a dollar store, I went crazy and bought 9!  Lucky for me Swedish House Mafia's tour was called the Masquerade Motel!  David did an amazing job rallying his friends and their friends into one awesomely affordable party bus traveling from mid city to Chinatown.

But guess who forgot their tickets?! Yup!  Chris and Jimmy left their tickets near the nightstand and did not realize it until we arrived at David's 20 minutes away.

Lucky for us we have an amazing roommate who met up with us in font of the venue with said tickets.  We owe him a pizza... with pork belly toppings.

Straight people.  I'll be referencing this picture if I ever run into them and go... "how do I know you?"

Doing shots while bumping on the 10 freeway was a highlight.  Felt very illegal, but the truth was, it was legal and safe!  No drinking and driving that night!

 The luck continued that night when we didn't lose each other, it would have been impossible to surf through that crowd.  I ran into college friends, gay friends, work friends... it was intense.  This was my first massive and I had all the necessary ingredients.  David told me that he would give out Prism Diffraction Fireworks Glasses to cute boys as a way of hitting on them.  Genius.  I didn't have to do much to get a run by grope.  This guy passing through the crowd not only placed his hand on me to get by, but actually squeezed my torso and shoulders for a good 10 seconds before release and not looking back.  I guess it's a gay boy's paradise in the touchy-feely rave community.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

by @hiddenmickey

I was comfortable, awake and enjoying the music.  Which was refreshing since I'm usually tired.  My favorite part was just enjoying the space and absorbing the energy... I can see how this can be addicting.

Aww - sadly though I could not find JV who made me candy and taught me PLUR.  But I found him the day after for and after-party hangout.

Swedish House Mafia and Zedd give me that chills... especially if there's a fan aimed at my crotch after I just stepped out of a swimming pool.

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