Thursday, March 14, 2013

Active March

Jimmy styled me.  Alexander Wang top.. Echo Park streets.

I'm running high on staying active.  Work events are keeping me busy on weekdays and birthdays, festivals, adventures and groupon is keeping me busy on weekends.  I am so much happier for it.

For work I've been networking and making friends which has helped my sales team.  At home I look at my things to do with people...   so when someone says, "we should get sushi sometime... " it actually happens.  I was amazing when I met someone for the first time... she said, "we live close, lets eat sometime!" and that weekend she called me for a meal.

So far:

  • Visit Madeline and Nick in the OC
  • Eat with Sunny and Maya
  • Go to hole in the wall with Mackenzie and Blane
  • Attend a Yelp! Elite event with John, Tommy, Steve
  • Watch Rocky Horror and invite Brian
  • Check out the Harry Potter Exhibit with Jeremiah
  • Go to Circus/Catch 1 with Sean
  • Red Lobster - Jimmy, Andrew
  • Sizzler Night - Roomies

There's a couple more that I may have forgotten.

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