Sunday, March 17, 2013


Mango Spice - the cayenne pepper on the rim gave it an amazing kick

 In February I took a trip to Cancun.  My idiot self booked a flight with a layover resulting in a lot of wasted time, but I shouldn't complain because I was in paradise.  Cancun is a resort town nothing to do here unless you have money to burn, but I was so beautiful.

 You can walk far into the ocean, but always touch the floor.  The challenge was conquering powerful waves and rip tides. One of my buddies was struggling and the life guard almost jumped in.  He made it back and rested on the sand as if he had just battled a greek god.

My coworkers made fun of my for forcing so many group pictures.  But I took it as a thank you when this picture popped up in everyone's cube after the trip.

This elaborate dinner included lobster tail, an open bar, some steak and a very wedding like set up.  The hotel put up large walls of fabric to shield the area from the winds.  The ocean waves could still be heard.

 Then there was dancing - with a little alcohol in everyone's system and a desperate attempt at plugging in the stereo with a random iPod we got some Michael Jackson on the floor.  At that point, I learned and performed the thriller dance on the sand.  AH mazing.  Dream come true.

In shady downtown we took about 4 vans to dance into the night.  For $20 was got into club with an open bar.  Once again I forced a group picture.  And my punishment:  an inadvertent cigarette burn on my hand.  I guess that was my souvenir.

Party hard in a Mexican city.

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