Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pushing Yourself to Go Out

I wasn't big on Foursquare when it came out, but then I realized what I could use it for - documentation of interesting things and relevant i-was-here-moments.  No aspiration for mayorship or points... and I've conveniently linked it to my google calendar internet recipes.

But in order to document interesting things, I have to do interesting things which has been a bit of a challenge with my new commute and new body.  Driving sucks at my soul and I've calculated that I spend about 20 days a year in a car.  ALMOST A MONTH of sitting.

I almost missed a wonderful good bye party because of the distance and fatigue.  But I said to myself - JUST DO IT.

A pep talk.  That's what I need in order to make the effort.

My body is shit.  For the past two weeks, whenever I need to use the restroom I have terrible cramps fire to indicate that I need to find a toilet.  What happened to "i think i need to go."  Now it's like RUN!  THERE'S A SHIT TSUNAMI COMING.  Probiotics, I think I should start there.

Last night with Jimmy away, I hade no reason to come home.  So I had a 3 hour dinner with coworkers at Osteria Mozza talking about relationships.  My coworker told me that she promised herself that she would not let being tired, distance, time whatever keep her from going out; from living in an amazing city.

With that motto echoing in my mind.  I followed the group to Hollywood and Highland for a birthday party at the Roosevelt hotel.

I learned that most of the industry after parties have been happening at the Roosevelt Hotel - Library Bar and Pool:

Lots of beautiful people who were about to pay 20+ for their valet and put drinks on a strangers tab to compensate.  I laid on the deck and looked upward and thought:  I would have enjoyed this a lot more if I was 23... should I go home?  NO.  My phone was at 1% and I quickly responded to Jimmy before it became useless.  Small talk shifted from automatic to unnatural.  It was 2AM and they invited for a burger at 25 Degrees.  I declined - That's a me and Jimmy thing.  That burger joint has been on our list!

I found my way back to the car and bundled up into my lonely bed.  I'm glad I went out, but now I need to remember the people I just met and do it over again... talking a lot, but never really getting to know them.

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