Saturday, March 9, 2013

January Recap

Stairs of Echo Park
After this month ends, we will have successfully completed the first quarter of 2013.  Here are a couple of things I did back in January.  I told myself that I would edit and enhance the pictures I take... as if I was a photographer, but I don't claim to be and my computer has finally run out of space.  So these are the RAW images of my fleeting moments baby.

New Years Eve was at a friends.  Lots of champagne and a round of reverse charades.  Oh there's Dab Ito dreaming about his next blog entry.

In January, I saw David's one man show with Sam.  My friends warned me about how one-man shows can get, but I was pleasantly surprised.  David shared his life - his Mexican American experience with many siblings, his encounter with a chicken that scarred his face, his admission to Yale.  I was captivated.  He had great comedic pause and I began to understand him better as a person.  It would be interesting to grab our closest friends and ask them to story tell... starting from birth and highlight pivotal moments.  Though I rarely talk to David, but I felt much more closer to him in a sense.

The production was held at Casa0101 which had great art displayed by Mexican Americans in the community.  I felt honored to be a part of it.

This beezy came to visit. Atlantic Seafood and Dim Sum is my new fav.  so cheap and in a new facility.

Stopped by Leanna Lin's Wonderland to check out Joey Chou's Bed Time Stories art gallery.  This place is cute and features a lot of trinkets you would find at fairs.

Found ourselves randomly at CatchOne - the black gay club in Pico Union.  Oh man that be some ratchet shiz.  They have a booty popping competition at midnight, but I think it was a slow Saturday.

Jimmy took me on a date to Pizzeria Mozza.  Our order took a while, so the chef gave us some bomb brussel sprouts.  While y'all nomming on your kale which sells out at all Trader Joes apparently, I'm going back to the 70's and loading up on some brussel sprouts.

We spent an afternoon at the California Science Center.  Where we saw some sharks and jelly fish.  Yay nature.

We were also inspired at the California Science Center to redo the Dream Girls Cover.

Burrata, Grana parmesan, rapini, garlic, extra virgin olive oil & prosciutto di Parma

Aaron stopped by to go to Rage.  This time I gave him a set of keys so he wouldn't have to sleep in his car in the cold.  Oops.  I'm a really good friend.  Mmm fancy breakfast at Bottega Louie which is the most reviewed place in Los Angeles with more than 5000 unsolicited opinions.

I'm starting to get to know Santa Monica more with a lot of client events happening there.  Stopped by Bungalow which has this outdoor indoor feel to it.  I hear there's a line to get in at night and not really anything to eat.  Or you can just hang out in someone's patio.  I'll wear a fake mustache and be your "mixologist" for the night.

Mmmm - found this handsome man in the alleys of the Arts district.  This area has a lot of charm.  Factory space mixed with lofts, restaurants ... like the meat packing district... sort of.  It started to rain and there was a romantic vibe in the poorly lit streets.

I discovered LA is burning which is a vogue night with competition.  Lots of fierce dancers, but definitely not the same as Paris is Burning which was a bit of a disappointment.  I guess in a time of dubstep we can't expect complete revival of movements past their prime.

There are a couple of videos that I'll post up... eventually but just imagine a lot of flailing arms.

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